Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update: Where There's a Will, There's One Leg

In a post last week I recounted that August told me he had caught Red Rocket digging in the garden and I expressed skepticism at the ability of a dog with only one front leg to accomplish such a task. I must now confess that I have seen it with my own eyes and can testify that a three-legged dog can, indeed, dig. This was demonstrated on Friday afternoon when Red Rocket entered the house smelling of eau-de-rolled-in-a-stinky-pile. As always occurs in such situations, he was immediately airlifted to the tub and detoxified with lavender and chamomile dog shampoo. Shortly afterwards, in a vain attempt to re-stink himself, I saw him "digging" at the towel that covers the cushion of a well-stained chair. The technique is fascinating and he looks somewhat like animated views of caterpillars who stretch and then hump to move forward. His adaptability continues to amaze me.

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