Monday, June 14, 2010

Squirrel Hunt: Volume 236

I call him "Fatty Fatacre" and he is our resident squirrel. The oak tree that towers over our house, throwing shade over the roof and no doubt saving us double-digit dollars in cooling costs every summer, provides Fatty with an abundant supply of acorns and profuse limbs and foliage for his domicile. Because of Fatty we have to replace our outdoor Christmas lights almost every year (he sharpens his teeth on the plastic) and because of Fatty I have had to abandon the dream of a gorgeous planter full of live flowers on the front porch during the warm months: two years ago he pulled up over $100 worth of blooming annuals in order to bury his assorted treasures culled from the neighborhood garbage bins. Amongst his loot: an intact slice of Dominoes pepperoni pizza, a Mars bar still in its wrapper, and a baggie of marijuana (obviously Fatty was a DEA agent in a former life...) When not trolling the trash cans for prizes, Fatty amuses himself by leaping from tree to tree to electrical line and back again in our backyard just out of reach of the dogs. Fatty's agility is astounding given his girth and Hank's agility is demonstrated in this series of photos that capture him leaping and circling beneath Fatty's taunting snickers.

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