Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Shower Prompts Legal Action

Case Number 2010-6-19

Red Rocket v. LeZotte

Plaintiff, Red Rocket, alleges that on or about the evening of Saturday, June 19, he was denied his usual unlimited access to all areas of the family home during a baby shower dinner party. Plaintiff further alleges that laughter at his expense came in the form of menu cards at the dinner table that labeled the final course of the meal as "Red Rocket's uber Chocolate Buffet." Plaintiff claims that the ultimate humiliation was suffered when he was allowed brief access to the dessert service area for photographs with the above-mentioned buffet. Plaintiff seeks damages in the form of samples of the eleven chocolate candies and cordials he sniffed but was restrained from consuming on the night in question. Plaintiff further seeks monetary damages in the amount of $800 to cover expenses of the post-consumption intestinal cleanse. If Plaintiff does NOT win lawsuit, he would like to acknowledge the sympathy of Aimee Geist who took pity upon him and did give him some lap time during the party (and a large home-baked dog cookie.) Plaintiff will also take satisfaction in releasing a dirty little secret about the meal preparations: that the dining surface was sullied by a lounging feline...bon appetit, ladies.

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  1. Perhaps LeZotte should countersue for expenses incurred from previous chocolate "tastings!" Plaintiff can always count on sympathy from the jury--he need only flash those big, brown eyes and shake that pretty fur on his ears