Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maggie's New Nickname

Edward is a voracious eater. And he's a good eater. Although August is a hard-core believer in "dinner before dessert," I have, on more than one occasion, placed a piece of chocolate cake and a bowl of broccoli together in front of Edward and watched him devour a few bites of cake and then turn to the broccoli and polish it off. Chocolate with a broccoli chaser, this is my child. So when he requests a particular food I know it usually won't go to waste. Recently he has been on a lasagna kick and while I don't mind making it for him it is a little more labor intensive than macaroni and cheese in a box. Since I had Tuesday off work I was able to take the time to make Edward a batch of "sagna" as he calls it. He had a piece for dinner and then, right before going to bed, he employed his typical stalling tactic of whining, "I'm hungry." I was already reading a book in bed, surrounded by four snoozing canines, when Edward made his declaration so I heard August respond with, "What do you want?" Edward immediately replied, "sagna" so August heated up a piece and took it to him in the living room. I heard the fork clinking against the bowl and suddenly Edward let out a shriek and exclaimed, "A piece fell on the floor!" Poor Edward, he was probably shocked to see food on the floor. Falling food in our house usually never makes it to the floor. "Clean it up!" he screamed. I heard August say, "I'll take care of it." He then proceeded to the bedroom where he lifted Maggie from under the bedcovers and carried her, like a dachshund-shaped dustbuster, to the living room. Moments later he returned her, licking her chops, to the bed. Edward finished his late night snack and after brushing his teeth he headed to bed where he asked to "snuggle Mommy" before going to sleep. I climbed into bed with him and asked, "Do you want to sleep with one of the dogs?" He replied, "Yes." I said, "Which one?" and Edward responded, "the lasagna eater."

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