Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Not So Fast Pillow Prince

There's a Pillow King who plans to battle for the throne...
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Maggie is standing in Hank's kennel wagging her tail. She is not sorry that she snatched that plump, warm piece of freshly baked pumpkin bread from Edward and bolted it down before August could reach her. Just like a kid who is punished by being sent to his room and then happily sits in there playing with his toys...
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Word Problem

My apologies to those of you who might read this and experience bad math class flashbacks! However, here is the Red Rocket Report puzzle of the week for our followers who love a mental challenge! WHAT'S THE ANSWER? Edward invites two little boys (they are brothers) over for a playdate. Mommy makes a batch of 34 peanut butter cookies for the boys. Each boy gets 2 cookies. Mommy eats 1 cookie. Daddy eats 1 cookie. The boys' mother arrives with their baby sister, boys' mom eats 1 cookie, baby sister eats half a cookie and Maggie snatches the other half. We all go out on the front porch to say goodbye to the boys at the end of the playdate. When we come back inside there are only 8 cookies left on the counter. How many peanut butter cookies did Hank eat?
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Texture Study

I've been spending way too much time teaching the formal elements of art.  Instead of an entertaining narrative to accompany this picture all that comes to mind is that the texture of Red Rocket's ears matches the texture of the frayed ends of the rope bone he is guarding...

Poem: The Opposition of Hank and Rachsie

Big and Small,
Short and Tall,
Dark and Light,
Hefty and Slight,
Fight and Goodnight.

The Pillow Proclamation

I, Red Rocket, hereby proclaim the following.  All pillows in the house belong to me.  Priority use of pillows shall always be mine.  Pillows may not be moved without my permission.  Any quilted fabric that can be manipulated around the shape of my body is considered a pillow for all intents and purposes. 

Sleeping on Me, She Is

Kasha uses Master Yoda as a pillow.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Did You Use Your Coupon?

Yesterday's mail contained a $5 towards any purchase coupon from Petsmart so late this morning after teaching over at the Metroplex I swung around the corner to pick up a little something for the furry kids.  I discovered that the coupon was most likely intended to get you into the store to see their recent remodeling job and tempt you with purchses from the newly established "Martha Stewart Pets" designer line prominently featured in a display just inside the door.  I walked out with a four pack of peppermint-infused rawhide bones to keep the canine kisses minty fresh... 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodnight Kiss for Little Sis

This evening we are experiencing an overabundance of animal affection. It started with Hank kissing and cuddling Red Rocket (who you can see at the bottom of the photo) and then Rachsie inserted herself into the love-a-thon and Hank turned to smooch her. Now all four dogs are clustered in the center of the bed. Hank is using Maggie as a pillow. Red Rocket's body is nestled between Hank's front legs. Red Rocket and Rachsie are cheek-to-cheek. Sophie is perched on my lap intently studying the sleeping hounds. If Emma was one of the canines in the cluster then Sophie would be making her way over to lovingly wash Emma's ears which was their evening routine. She hasn't bonded enough yet with one of the other dogs to do this. But now I wonder if she is seriously contemplating it.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Edward tells Red Rocket a secret before going to bed. No doubt they were conspiring about acquiring late-night snacks.
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Lap Full of Love

Two months ago August, Edward and I packed up the truck and headed north for my family reunion.  Normally the dogs go with us whenever we travel but this time we had to leave them behind as the rental house on Lake Geneva had a strict "no pets" policy.  I found a fabulous pet sitter who stayed at the house with "the furry children" and lavished them with love.  Our first night away from the dogs something amazing happened.  I sat down at the kitchen table in the rental house and automatically braced my legs for the anticipated "lap leap" that always occurs when I am at home.  I hadn't even realized I did that when I sat until I found myself in a dogless house.  My lap, however, is lonely no more.  In fact, many times it is overflowing with love.

Monday, September 6, 2010

No Room for Me

Red Rocket is perched atop his pillow mountain. Hank is right in the middle of the bed. Those lumps under the comforter next to Hank's head are Maggie and Rachsie. Where am I supposed to sleep tonight?
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Playing with the Big (Four-Legged) Dogs

Where is a video camera when you need one?!?  This morning August took the four dogs for their usual weekend Starbucks run (they got an extra run this weekend because of the Labor Day holiday.)  As they returned and pulled into the driveway I walked out onto the front porch to assist with dogs and drinks.  All four canines poured out of the door of the truck and I held the front door open so they could run into the house.  Maggie led the pack followed by Rachsie.  Hank, however, felt compelled to take a detour and headed for the tree in our front yard for a leg-lift.  He marked the tree and ran into the house.  Red Rocket is always the last one out of the truck because he needs to be helped down out of the truck.  He followed Hank to the tree and after Hank finished I watched in waves of mirth and horror as Red Rocket attempted to emulate his big brother's leg lift against the tree.  Rocket managed to position himself correctly with his missing front leg closest to the tree and I'm sure his intent was to raise his back left leg and balance on his two right legs.  But it didn't work.  He fell over twice and then with his usual pluck and spirit turned and raced to the house.