Wednesday, July 1, 2009

His Spot on the Bed

When Emma and Maggie were adopted they both established their sleeping spots on our bed the first night and have slept in these places ever since. Red Rocket, however, is less decisive and has spent the last five nights experimenting with different locations on our bed. The first night he slept between us, on his back, head on the pillow. The second night he burrowed under the covers and curled up in the lower left corner of the bed by August's feet. Night three found him on top of the covers at the end of the bed on my side. On night four he slept on the upper right corner of the bed on the pillow next to my head. Last night he started on the lower right corner of the bed on top of my robe and then moved to the direct center of the bed where he lounged on his back. Will he find a permanent spot or is he a bed wanderer?

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