Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Game Hunter

Inspired by all of the travel themed merchandise that Rebecca and I have been acquiring to decorate my new Associate Director's office, Red Rocket engages in a "big game hunt" photo shoot to provide the perfect picture for my desk at work. In his mind he is a big red lion tackling a large gazelle rather than a miniature dachshund chomping on a stuffed chipmunk.


  1. Annette! This is the cutest little blog! I love readind about the fun adventures Red Rocket is having with your adorable family (both human and furry).

    I know you said you're not a Facebook fan, but Village Animal Hospital has a Facebook page and I would love to share this blog with our other friends and clients. Would you mind if I posted a link? I won't do it without your permission but I'm sure everyone would love to see these pictures and read the stories.

    Have fun! I'll be "following!" :)

  2. Sarah,

    Go ahead and post a link to the blog on your Facebook page - we want Red Roket to be Dr. Olson's most famous client!