Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dinner Party

All of the dogs and cats look forward to my dinner parties. Sophie knows that if she gets up on the dining room table as I'm trying to set it she can get an extra meal as bribery to stay away from the china and crystal. In addition, all the four-legged members of the family know that if my friend Aimee is invited to the dinner that she will smuggle in contraband cat and dog treats in her purse. Tonight, in honor of meeting Red Rocket, Aimee splurged on carob-dibbed dog biscuits from Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates and Red Rocket spent an hour after dinner warming her lap in gratitude for this tummy-tempting gift!


  1. Carob-dipped dog biscuits from Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates? In the next life I want to come back as Aimee's dog...

  2. And it was a wonderful birthday party! Thank you
    Annette and all the fine guests for sharing a wonderful evening with Jack and me.