Monday, September 20, 2010

Word Problem

My apologies to those of you who might read this and experience bad math class flashbacks! However, here is the Red Rocket Report puzzle of the week for our followers who love a mental challenge! WHAT'S THE ANSWER? Edward invites two little boys (they are brothers) over for a playdate. Mommy makes a batch of 34 peanut butter cookies for the boys. Each boy gets 2 cookies. Mommy eats 1 cookie. Daddy eats 1 cookie. The boys' mother arrives with their baby sister, boys' mom eats 1 cookie, baby sister eats half a cookie and Maggie snatches the other half. We all go out on the front porch to say goodbye to the boys at the end of the playdate. When we come back inside there are only 8 cookies left on the counter. How many peanut butter cookies did Hank eat?
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  1. Is the answer that Hank ate 17? Or is it a trick and Hank only ate 1 and Red Rocket ate the other 16?

  2. When do we get to find out the answer to the word problem?