Saturday, September 11, 2010

Goodnight Kiss for Little Sis

This evening we are experiencing an overabundance of animal affection. It started with Hank kissing and cuddling Red Rocket (who you can see at the bottom of the photo) and then Rachsie inserted herself into the love-a-thon and Hank turned to smooch her. Now all four dogs are clustered in the center of the bed. Hank is using Maggie as a pillow. Red Rocket's body is nestled between Hank's front legs. Red Rocket and Rachsie are cheek-to-cheek. Sophie is perched on my lap intently studying the sleeping hounds. If Emma was one of the canines in the cluster then Sophie would be making her way over to lovingly wash Emma's ears which was their evening routine. She hasn't bonded enough yet with one of the other dogs to do this. But now I wonder if she is seriously contemplating it.
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