Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Queen versus Full/Double Bed

Our bed at home is a queen size bed. As I researched bed sizes to write this post I came across a web site that recommended queen size beds for "couples who like to snuggle." I wonder what the author of that post would say about a couple who puts themselves and four dogs into a queen size bed? I suppose an optimistic writer would call us extremely loving and affectionate people. A pessimistic writer would call us nuts. Let me tell you what nuts is: a couple and four dogs sharing a full size bed - that's nuts. The bed in Grandma and Grandpa's guest room is a full size bed, which, according to my research, is 5 inches shorter than a queen size bed and has 6 inches less width. This may not seem like much space to sacrifice, but let me assure you, it is. To illustrate: a full size bed is 75 inches long while a queen size bed is 80 inches long. August is 78 inches long. Therefore, he cannot sleep laying straight on a full size bed and has to position his body at a diagonal which invades bed territory traditionally occupied by Maggie and/or Hank. Furthermore, the subtraction of 6 inches in width eliminates the area in the bed I call the "Berlin Wall" composed of miniature dachshunds whose body width is approximately 6 inches. As we prepared for bed the first night, all four dogs lounged on the full size mattress and I could see the handwriting on the wall. Someone was getting kicked out of the bed. Night one: Maggie abandons Dante's Inferno for the cozy comfort of Edward's cot. Night two: Hank decides a little bonding time with Edward is in the cards. Night three: Mommy surrenders and leaves the bed to August and the dogs.

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