Sunday, July 18, 2010

Indoor Goose Hunting

Yesterday during our Saturday errands we stopped at Petsmart to stock up on food and cat litter. PALS volunteers were there showing dogs available for adoption so we were able to give Hank's foster mom an update on his progress. We resisted the two sweet miniature dachshunds PALS had for adoption and instead of bringing home more live creatures we opted for the "stuffed wild bird" assortment of dog toys containing a pheasant, a mallard duck, and a goose. For Hank, these faux feathered were an acceptable substitute to hunting the real thing. For me, anything that does not deposit poop to be rolled in by Red Rocket is a fabulous idea. However, I did pick up a new bottle of "Tropical Hound" coconut shampoo just in case some evil dog toy designer who previously worked for Spensers Boutiques made the stuffed wild birds the "Betsy Wetsy" variety.
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