Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guess Who Chased the Deer?

We tried to keep the dogs inside whenever there were deer visible in the yard. However, with so many deer it was inevitable that some brave doe or buck would enter the canine line of sight so we always stayed outside with the dogs when they were in the yard. The first one tempted was Hank and I was really worried. As a deer came up to the feeder Hank caught sight and took off running. I immediately screamed, "Hank!Stop! Turn around!" and to my great shock, he did. He was ushered back into the house. I was so worried about Hank it never dawned on me that perhaps the badger hunters would experience species confusion and would take chase. Thankfully, their upbringing as urban hounds has taught them that when you reach a building you should probably stop and greet the neighbors so when they hit the tractor shed they were torn between following the deer and stopping to visit with whoever might be inside. This moment of indecision allowed Mommy to capture them and they were carried back to the house.

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