Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pâté de foie gras or Rubber Chicken?

Meet "Baby."  This rubber chicken in a Santa suit was purchased last year as a Christmas gift for Red Rocket.  Loyal readers of the Red Rocket Report will understand this next reference: when presented with this squeaky rubber chicken Red Rocket set upon him as if attacking the carcass of Fatty Fatacre.  Edward, horrified, immediately began screaming, "Baby crying! Baby crying!" and the chicken was liberated from Red Rocket's jaws, bundled into a kitchen towel, and put to cradle in Edward's bed.  Ever since this rather sorry-looking creature has been Edward's "Baby" and off limits to the dogs.  I must admit, I was a bit mystified by Edward's attachment to this toy until, at a "girls' night out" dinner at the home of a Red Rocket Report reader, I interacted with the infamous "Sophie the Giraffe" teething toy, the favorite of French babies for decades.  I had seen "Sophie the Giraffe" unveiled at the baby shower six months ago but she was confined behind the plastic of a gift box and therefore I was unable to ascertain the texture of the toy.  Imagine my surprise when I attempted to entertain Baby Helen with Sophie and discovered that she was little more than a rubber chicken in the guise of a euro-giraffe.  The rubbery skin and high-pitched squeal that emanated from Sophie were identical to those of Edward's "Baby."  The difference: "Baby" costs $3.99 at Petsmart and "Sophie" goes for $29.99 at the baby boutiques (and $17.99 through the online discount sites).  I will leave commentary to the loyal readers of the Red Rocket Report...


  1. Ah, that Sophie is a fine chew toy indeed. Although I'm sure Baby the Rubber Santa Chicken could give that ol' giraffe a run for her money.

  2. Oh those rubber Euro-giraffe posers.