Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sexist Behavior

To ardent fans of the Red Rocket Report pining away for updates: the semester is almost over and I have been stockpiling photos over the past several weeks in anticipation of an end-of-the-semester blog-a-thon. A taste of what is to come can be found in this photo of Hank and Red Rocket snoozing next to me while I grade papers: sociological research from the Red Rocket Institute is indicating a new behavioral trend in the household. The male dogs (Hank and Rocket) favor spending time with Momma while the females (Maggie and Rachsie) are often found with Daddy. Supporting data and interpretive conclusions to follow (or to be posted by readers of the Red Rocket Report!)
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  1. Hallelujah! Red Rocket Report is back! We've soooo missed the updates and cannot wait for the impending blog-a-thon! We'll check in daily...

  2. I too have missed the updates but knew that it was finals time at WSU. (and I am totally grateful that I shall never have to take another final exam again ) Merry Christmas !

  3. So that end-of-the-semester blog-a-thon, it's still happening, right? I mean, WSU grades had to be turned in last week so this week's excuse is...

    Post more content and more photos! Inquiring minds want to read and see!