Friday, December 31, 2010

A New Year's Resolution for Maggie: No More Cheeseburgers

Dr. Olson sent us a lovely holiday e-newsletter last week that cautioned against the dangers of holiday over-indulgence for pets. A fabulous diagram accompanying the warning illustrated that for a 20 pound dog one oreo-cookie-sized dog treat is the equivalent to a human eating a cheeseburger. Dr. Olson please advise: what is the human equivalent when a 20 pound dog actually consumes a cheeseburger? We despair that after a rigorous "slim down" campaign last year Maggie has experienced a major relapse and has snatched two cheeseburgers from Edward over the course of the past two weeks. In addition, three weeks ago Sophie, herself a member of "club slim down," violated the points system by pushing an entire jar of dog treats off the kitchen counter and into the jaws of Maggie waiting on the kitchen floor below. Not only did Maggie eat all the treats in the jar - she chewed the cork stopper under the jar lid as well. Will Village Animal Hospital start hosting Overeaters Anonymous meetings in the New Year? We can provide charter members for the group. CNN reported today that losing weight is the number one New Year's Resolution - at least Maggie will be in good company.
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