Tuesday, August 31, 2010

French Manicure

Those followers of the Red Rocket Report who are avid fashionistas know that one of the latest trends in personal adornment is the French Manicure where the bed of the nail is left natural and the tip is painted white.  Since I want my dogs to reflect the height of contemporary fashion and sophistication I will share that yesterday I delivered Hank to Dr. Olson and he was given a stylish French Manicure.  At least, that version sounds more elegant than the truth...  In actuality, Hank mangled his dewclaw.  For those of you unfamiliar with dog anatomy the dewclaw is like a thumb - it's that funny looking nail/claw on the side of a canine's foot/leg.  In some breeds the dewclaws are surgically removed when a puppy is spayed or neutered because they can cause problems.  Case in point: Hank.  Hank is a typical boy who loves high speed chases, leaping against trees and fences, and flinging himself with abandon around the yard.  And like most boys, sometimes the fun means we get hurt.  At some point on Sunday afternoon Hank tore his dewclaw.  I suspect it may have gotten caught on the fence when he jumped against it to greet the new dog who has moved in two doors down.  I know it hurt.  It hurt me just looking at the twisted, torn claw.  And anyone who has had a hangnail or who has ripped one of their own nails knows that it is a constant nagging hurt.  Throughout the evening Hank would lick at it and after he fell asleep August and I tried to clip it so that it wouldn't catch on anything and rip further but Hank squealed in pain and we had to stop.  So on Monday morning we headed to Dr. Olson's.  Hank, auditioning for the Academy Award, held his paw limp and refused to shake for a treat (he shook for treats at home but apparently felt he needed to put on a show for the ladies at Dr. Olson's).  The treatment was amazingly simple: a little numbing spray for the pain, a nail clip and file, and then - the most amazing part - application of superglue to encase the nail and hopefully prevent further snags.  This glob of superglue has hardened into a lovely white shell around the end of Hank's dewclaw and Dr. Olson says it will probably stay in place for several weeks.  Do you think we could market this technique to upscale nail salons?  I can see it now: Henri's DuClaw Miracle French Manicure.  Anyway, Hank has gotten some relief from the procedure and we hope he doesn't have to have his dewclaws removed but we'll keep a watchful eye and a tube of superglue.

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  1. Yes, the dogs will put on quite a show for the women at Dr. Olson's office. Many thanks to Dawn, who always is plentiful with the treats and praise; and also to Sarah, who is always fresh and ready with a happy and sincere greeting! Their (and everyone at the office) kindness and patience in what is surely always a busy day is so appreciated.