Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Battle Scar

If you have read the "French Manicure" post you know that Hank visited Dr. Olson yesterday for dewclaw care.  While we were there Dr. Olson, being the responsible veterinarian that he is, gave Hank a quick once-over.  I noticed that Dr. Olson stroked and examined a spot over Hank's right eye where some fur was missing and I explained that it was a battle scar inflicted by Rachsie.  Perhaps he was skeptical that a 9 pound dachshund could best a 65 pound chocolate lab but play sessions in our house are rough and tumble.  And as a recent follower of the Red Rocket Report who visited our home noted: "Hank instigates."  In this action shot Hank taunts Red Rocket with the amputated front leg from a stuffed camel toy...

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