Friday, February 22, 2013

Favorite Toy

Of our five dogs, Maggie is probably the least playful.  She has a very laid-back, dignified personality and prefers to watch from the sidelines and occasionally referee the games of the other canines.  However, every once in a while she decides she's in the mood to wrestle or wrangle and then she seeks out her favorite toy.  It's an unexpected choice but perhaps it reflects her minimalist sophistication: it's a small stuffed cube.  Constructed of brown suede with seams tufted in cream-colored lambswool, it has the aesthetic of a rugged jacket worn by a Colorado cowboy on a horse.  Smaller than a tennis ball, this rather simple toy often falls to the bottom of the basket and thus Maggie has to hunt to find it (which, perhaps, is part of the reason she loves it - the act of finding it makes her seem like Queen Elizabeth II stalking stag in Scotland).  If you look carefully in this photo you will see that Maggie has perfected the act of balancing both front feet on the edge of the wicker toy basket allowing her better access to the contents of the container.  Viva la hunt!

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