Friday, October 12, 2012

Lethargic Devotion

We woke this morning to a gray, drizzly day.  "Woke" is perhaps a relative term as we all seem to be suffering from lethargy.  I fed the dogs and cats at 5:00 AM and then settled in with a cup of coffee on the sofa to watch the post vice-presidential debate breakdown on CNN.  Within moments I had fallen asleep with Maggie, Rosie and Red Rocket as "blankets" along my side.  Edward and August discovered me at 8:00 AM and attempted to rouse me but I found myself stumbling back to bed with all dogs in tow.  An hour later I was awake for good and reading the newspaper in the recliner with Maggie and Red Rocket wedged in next to me and Hank laying at my feet.  When I got up to go into the dining room Hank followed me and as I sat at the table he devotedly parked himself on the rug and laid his big, soft, brown head on my bare feet.  These are the quiet moments I love with these dogs.  I will try to remind myself of this later today when I inevitably find "offerings" on the rug because the dachshunds don't wish to wet their feet on the rain-soaked grass...

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