Monday, May 17, 2010

Hank's First Night

Hank's foster mom told us that he was accustomed to sleeping in his kennel at night and was so smart that when they would turn the television off in the evening he automatically settled into his kennel for bedtime. So, on his first night with us, we decided to keep his routine familiar and when we prepared for bed Hank was put in his kennel. At first he was content as we moved throughout the house locking doors, brushing teeth, and putting on pajamas. It was when the lights went off that our carefully crafted "familiarity of routine" plan fell to pieces. As darkness fell upon the house Hank turned into a werewolf and began baying at the moon, crying and shaking his kennel. The dachshunds, in solidarity with their new sibling, began whining and barking. This awakened Edward who joined in the yelling with, "Mommy, snuggle you!" As I left our bedroom to lay down with Edward and get him back to sleep I told August, "It's just like a new baby - let him cry it out and he'll settle down." Ten minutes of non-stop dog distress ensued and I finally heard August throw back the covers and stomp out of our room. "August, what are you doing?" I yelled. "I'm going to stop this barking," he sharply replied. Then, silence... Silence... "Mommy, I want my Mickey Mouse blankie," Edward whispers. Great. It's in the basement laundry room which means I will have to walk past Hank's recently silenced sleeping spot in the dining room. I get out of bed and leaving all of the lights off cautiously creep through the darkness of the living room, dining room, kitchen, down the basement stairs. Silence.... Silence.... I grab the blanket and head back up the stairs, through the kitchen, sneak a glance and see that Hank's kennel is closed and all is quiet. I continue to creep through the darkness back to Edward's room where the Mickey Mouse blanket is safely delivered and he quickly falls back to sleep. I roll out of his bed to head back to our bedroom. I open our bedroom door. My bedside lamp is on casting a soft glow over the room. I glance at the bed and am shocked to discover August with his arms around a 65 pound dark chocolate labrador retriever...

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