Monday, September 21, 2009

Life's Little Luxuries

I like a few, select reality television shows: Project Runway, the earlier seasons of The Apprentice, and The Mole. So my reality TV knowledge is pretty limited. I think there was one of those survival shows that I recall hearing about (but didn't watch) where the contestants were allowed to take one luxury item with them. If I had been on that show the choice would have been easy: heating pad. I remember as a child that my grandmother almost always had the heating pad in her chair on and as an adult I embrace and emulate that energy-wasting practice. During his "chocolate convalesence," Red Rocket was introduced to the luxury of the external warming device. At the emergency clinic they microwaved two bags of saline (that were about the same size as he is) and he lounged with his back against one and grasped the other between his paws and pulled it up against his stomach. When he was transferred to Dr. Olson's he was provided with a heating pad wrapped in a flannel blanket that covered most of the bottom of his cage. And now that he has returned home he has decided to steal MY heating pad as illustrated in the photo above. I went out and purchased a larger one so we can share!

1 comment:

  1. The look of total joy on his sweet face is just priceless. I'm sure that my little doxies will want their own too !